Comprehensive Financial Planning

This is our ongoing financial planning service. We partner with you, initially and over time, to help you organize, clarify and simplify your financial life through ongoing communication and collaboration that reflects changes in your life, the laws, and the investment markets.

Investment analysis and tax preparation are included as part of this package. For those of you who do not want to implement the recommended investment strategy by yourselves, we also provide an optional investment management service to our comprehensive financial planning clients at additional cost. 

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Cost: The initial planning fee starts at $1,000 plus an ongoing monthly fee starts at $200.

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Financial Planning Consultation

This one-time consultation service is designed for people who are not ready for our comprehensive financial planning service but need help on 1-2 particular questions. You will receive guidance and advice about your specifically defined needs and concerns.

Cost: A flat fee starts at $500. 

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Tax preparation

We also provide independent tax preparation service for individuals and business. Budgeting and personal finance, earning requirement analysis, bookkeeping, payroll service can be added upon request at additional cost. 

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