Welcome to X and Y Advisors, Inc. We are a location-independent and fee-only Registered Investment Advisor providing financial planning, investment management, tax preparation and accounting services to young Chinese professionals in the United States.

As new immigrants from Beijing, China, we have experienced a lot of different financial and legal issues since we arrived in the United States. The following questions may be common to you. How to accurately file taxes? Do you need to report your foreign assets? How to build and improve your credit score? How to evaluate your employee benefits? Should you contribute to employer-sponsored retirement plans? How to set up a new business? What type of entities should you choose? If possible, should you invest in China or the U.S.? What kind of insurance should you purchase? Should you buy or lease a car? How much mortgage could you get? More questions can be listed. Even as professionals working in the financial planning and tax industry with the help of the mighty internet, we still made some mistakes. We also understand the pain of many young people struggling to find independent and high-quality financial advice at an affordable price without buying unnecessary financial products. From our professional experience serving high-net-worth individuals, we realized that there are so many financial planning strategies that could be applied and may even create relatively more value for young professionals. We want to share our knowledge to help you avoid the mistakes we have made.

To make high-quality financial planning services available and affordable to young Chinese professionals living in the United States, we established X and Y Advisors, Inc.

X and Y Advisors, Inc was set up for you by someone like you! We are sure that together with you we could grow bigger and stronger.