Jiyao Xu

Jiyao (jackson) xu, CFP®, CFA

Hi, my name is Jiyao (Jackson) Xu. I am a fee-only financial planner and co-founder of X and Y Advisors, Inc. I have been working side by side with young Chinese professionals to refine their financial goals, evaluate their current financial health, and create strategies to help achieve their dreams.

After spending a year with KPMG China, I realized that corporate finance is not my interest. In 2012, I came to Los Angeles, California to join my beloved wife, Vivianna, and study Personal Financial Planning. While taking different courses at UCLA, I managed to pass the CFP® exam and all three levels of CFA programs, go through the real estate broker education program and then work for a local wealth management firm for several years. With what I have gone through, I come to understand the needs and concern of the young professionals living here. I tried to look for a job at a financial planning firm to help young Chinese professionals by providing objective advice without selling any financial products. To my disappointment, I failed to find such a firm. What am I going to do? I can go back to the same firm and continue to help high net worth individuals, or I can give up the attractive salary and set up my firm from scratch. Apparently, I chose the latter.  I go from an international student to a young entrepreneur.

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Vivianna Zhao

Vivianna Zhao, CPA

Hi, my name is Vivianna Zhao, co-founder of X and Y Advisors, Inc. With strong tax experience as a certified public accountant (CPA), I decided to partner with Jackson to establish X and Y Advisors, Inc. I believe we all need a financial plan at every stage of life. The hardest part is always to get started. Personally, I strongly feel the importance of financial planning in family, marriage, and work. To live your dream life, you have to have a good financial plan to start with and update timely as real life is an ongoing journey. Financial planning is not just about money. It could be as big as a life planning and as small as a guide about which credit card you should apply for.  

A quote is really impressive to me, saying 'A woman needs to look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man and work like a boss.' This quote not only implies the women empowerment but also reveals the growing tendency of financial independence among women in nowadays society. I feel the struggles and challenges we need to face everyday, as a wife, a mother, a daughter and a worker. Therefore, I would love to share my experience and use my extremely perceptive in reading people and situations to help my clients make right decisions today and everyday.  

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